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      2. 溫度|溫濕度傳感器 - 上海申矽凌微電子科技有限公司


        Description:±0.1℃ Digital Temperature Sensor with S-Wire Interface

        Key Features
        ◆  VCC: 1.8V to 5.5V
        ◆  Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1oC(Max.) over 30oC to 45oC
        ◆  Average Current Consumption 4.5uA(Typ.)
            (1 time measurement per second):      

        ◆  Standby Current: 10nA (Typ.), 30nA(Max.)
        ◆  Temperature Conversion time: 120ms
        ◆  17-bit ADC with 0.00390625oC Resolution
        ◆  S-Wire Interface (Single-Wire lite version)
        ◆  Compatible with ISO10993.5/10
        ◆  Improved Heat Conduction Performance for Metal Can Package
        ◆  Temperature Range: -50oC to 150oC

        ◆  Human Body Temperature Monitor
        ◆  General Temperature Measurement

        ◆  MCLGA-3x3-4
            (3.0mm x 3.0mm x 1.0mm)