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      2. 溫度|溫濕度傳感器 - 上海申矽凌微電子科技有限公司


        Description:Thermal Switch with Pre-Program Hysteresis and Trigger Temperature

        Key Features

        ◆  VCC: 1.4V to 5.5V
        ◆  Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5oC (Typ.) at 25oC
        ◆  Avg. Quiescent Current 3.0uA (Typ.) @ 3.3V, 4Hz measurement frequency
        ◆  Temperature Accuracy:
            ±0.25oC (Max.) over 40 to 85oC
            ±0.50oC (Max.) over 50 to 100oC
            ±0.80oC (Max.) over -40 to 125oC
        ◆  Trigger Temperature: 85oC *
        ◆  Hysteresis Temperature: 10oC *
        ◆  Active Low Output with Open drain
        ◆  Temperature range, -50oC or 150oC

            * -- for other temperature, please contact Sensylink sales. 
            Trigger Temperature Point: -40oC to 125oC with 1.0oC step; Hysteresis Temperature: 0oC to 30oC with 2.0oC step.


        ◆  Temperature alarm
        ◆  Thermal shutdown
        ◆  Fan control

        ◆  CSP-4
        ◆  SOT-23

              CSP-4 (Package Code J4)               SOT-23 (Package Code K)
        Typical Application

        Note1: Voltage on the ALERT pin must not higher than VCC voltage. TGND pin must be connected to Ground.
        Ordering Information
        Order PN Accuracy Green1 Package Marking ID2 Packing MPQ Operation Temperature
        CT1723LJ4R8510 ±0.8℃ Halogen free CSP-4 EJ Tape & Reel 3,000 -40℃~+125℃
        CT1723HJ4R8510 ±0.8℃ Halogen free CSP-4 EK Tape & Reel 3,000 -40℃~+125℃
        CT1723LKR8510 ±0.8℃ Halogen free SOT-23 ELWX Tape & Reel 3,000 -40℃~+125℃
        CT1723HKR8510 ±0.8℃ Halogen free SOT-23 EMWX Tape & Reel 3,000 -40℃~+125℃
        For other trigger / hysteresis temperature version, please contact Sensylink sales.