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      2. 溫度|溫濕度傳感器 - 上海申矽凌微電子科技有限公司


        Description:Digital Temperature Sensor with Single-Wire Interface

        Key Features
        ◆  VCC: 1.8V to 5.5V
        ◆  Current Consumption 30uA(Typ.) during measurement
        ◆  Shutdown Current: 1.5uA (Typ.)
        ◆  Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5oC(Max.) over -10oC to 80oC
        ◆  Resolution: 0.0625oC
        ◆  Conversion time: 30ms (Typ.)      
        ◆  Single-Wire Interface, support parasitic power supply mode
        ◆  Programmable High/Low Trigger Temperature

        ◆  Smart HVAC System
        ◆  Environment Monitor
        ◆  White Appliance
        ◆  Cold-chain TH monitor
        ◆  TH sensor probe with long distance

        ◆  TO-92 (see table)