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      2. 溫度|溫濕度傳感器 - 上海申矽凌微電子科技有限公司


        Description:±0.1℃ Digital Temperature Sensor with CSP-4 package

        Key Features
        ◆  VCC: 1.4V to 5.5V
        ◆  Temperature Accuracy:
            ±0.1oC(Max.) from -20oC to 80oC
            ±0.3oC(Max.) from -40oC to 125oC
            ±0.5oC(Max.) from -50oC to 150oC
        ◆  Standby Current: 30nA(Typ.)      
        ◆  Average Quiescent Current: 3uA(Typ.) at 1.0Con/s, 3.3V
        ◆  16 bit ADC for 0.0078125oC resolution
        ◆  Compatible with SMBus, 2-wire and I2C interface
        ◆  Programmable Over/Under Temperature
        ◆  8 different slave address available with different suffix
        ◆  PEC feature to improve communication reliability and robustness 

        ◆  Thermal Camera
        ◆  SSD
        ◆  Portable Devices

        ◆  CSP-4

        Temperature Range
        ◆  -50 to 150oC
        Temperature Accuracy Performance (vs. T & V)
        Typical Application
        Single point temperature monitor               Multi points temperature monitor

        Ordering Information
        Order PN Slave Address
        Accuracy Green1 Package Marking ID2 Packing MPQ Operation Temperature
        CT7117AJ4R 0x90 ±0.5oC Halogen free CSP-4 DF Tape & Reel 3,000 -50oC~+150oC
        CT7117BJ4R 0x92 ±0.5oC Halogen free CSP-4 DG Tape & Reel 3,000 -50oC~+150oC
        CT7117CJ4R 0x94 ±0.5oC Halogen free CSP-4 DH Tape & Reel 3,000 -50oC~+150oC
        CT7117DJ4R 0x96 ±0.5oC Halogen free CSP-4 DJ Tape & Reel 3,000 -50oC~+150oC
        CT7117EJ4R 0x98 ±0.5oC Halogen free CSP-4 DK Tape & Reel 3,000 -50oC~+150oC
        CT7117FJ4R 0x9A ±0.5oC Halogen free CSP-4 DL Tape & Reel 3,000 -50oC~+150oC
        CT7117GJ4R 0x9C ±0.5oC Halogen free CSP-4 DM Tape & Reel 3,000 -50oC~+150oC
        CT7117HJ4R 0x9E ±0.5oC Halogen free CSP-4 DN Tape & Reel 3,000 -50oC~+150oC