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      2. 溫度|溫濕度傳感器|接口IC - 上海申矽凌微電子科技有限公司


        Description:Hot-swappable FM+ I2C/SMBus Buffer

        Key Features

        ◆  Operation Voltage: 2.3V to 5.5V
        ◆  Standby Current: 0.1uA (TYP.)
        ◆  Compatible with SMBus and I2C interface
        ◆  Support bidirectional data transfer
        ◆  Support fan-out for SDA/SCL due to buffered
        ◆  Input lines are isolated from output for SDA/SCL
        ◆  Ready output with open drain, active high
        ◆  I2C Speed up to 1.0MHz (Fast mode+)
        ◆  1.0V precharge on SDA/SCL in & out lines prevents corruption during
        ◆  live insertion and removal from backplane
        ◆  Support clock stretching, arbitration and synchronization
        ◆  High impedance after power-off
        ◆  Temperature Range: -40 oC to 125 oC


        Notebook PC
        Notebook PC


        ◆  SOP-8
        ◆  MSOP-8
        Typical Application